Ecomarka Recycle Black

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The cabin is made of recycled materials. Meets all quality standards. The highest degree of impact resistance of polyethylene. High resistance to UV rays. The front panel is single-layer with a metal frame. Metal hinges on steel rivets.

Large storage tank with a capacity of 250 liters.

Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 1060x1060x2200 mm.

Color options: black.


  • carcase (side and back panels) made of impact resistant HDPE;
  • single-layer front panel (arch and door) with stiffeners;
  • hinges fixed with steel rivets;
  • semi-transparent triangular roof;
  • ventilation pipe;
  • lockable door;
  • eyelets for padlocks;
  • 250-liter tank («European» and «Asian» type);
  • toilet seat with lid;
  • toilet paper holder;
  • single hook;
  • reinforced tray with additional treatment against decay.
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